Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wave The Banner

Slowly I reach for my felting needles and begin to gear up to reopen my fiber art business. The funny thing I notice is the world of commerce jetted on without me so I may settle into the improvements without suffering the growing pains.

Etsy has become more user friendly  and I chuckled recalling the decade long loading of a single picture years back. Now I can toss my work up with only a moment to spare.

The biggest thrill was discovering I can make a banner on my power point program on my cute little Mac laptop. It is a bit wobbly due to the time it took me to figure it out and the time allotted for the procedure but I look forward to improving my skills and providing an new banner as the seasons change.

My studio space is filling with tufts of wandering roving and the baskets are filling with treasure.

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