Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Last Hour

My sister has asked a favor from me,

Ten wishes for the new moon.

She was given an outline to follow. I have until midnight. So ...I have been thinking all night.While I ponder I am  cleaning and changing every corner of my life, focused on the things that effect me right now.

I stop and realize I have the rest of my life to worry about now, I am grateful she is by my side for the traveling that will follow.

The first wish she gave to me,

1. I wish for the health , Wealth , and happiness of my family and friends.

2. I wish for the power to forgive

3. I wish for my children to find a true path

4. I wish for my path to be followed

5. I wish to be true to myself and others

6. I wish that every choice I make will be with intent and not from false hope or fear

7. I wish I will find a path that brings me money to support my children without relying on my ex husband

8. I wish I will enjoy the company of others again and not be focused on my life

9. I wish to keep my home

10. I wish health, happiness and wealth for the world

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