Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just a Thought...

Today I had a random day of bliss.

I noticed a few things that before were just feelings. You know how you just have a gut response to life? Today gave me words for the feelings I have. A quickly gathered group of friends gave me a peaceful outlook.

If you just let children BE they are surprisingly good at it.

So often we try and control everything about our children. We manage their social lives, food, language and learning. What if we live in a way we believe and allow them the freedom to explore stuff that makes us uncomfortable? I have learned they will always most likely go back to what is right in their family culture if we are true to ourselves.

What if we don't stage photo opportunities for future advertisements about how well we are doing as parents? What if we allow them to create and don't label every project as beautiful. The process is the learning and growth. I did take many photos today. I wanted to post them on flikr for my friends who attended. I studied the whole day as a teacher. Looking back I am so impressed with our children. I am so impressed with us as families. We had no expectations for perfection. We didn't need to impress each other. The outcome was startling.... the kids were engaged and gentle with each other. The parents were relaxed and had so much fun.

Wow, that is hard. It is hard because we are always judged. I wonder who is judging? Usually I find the parent or educator that is so quick to offer advice in a negative fashion has a mess in their own den. As a teacher it is hard to admit weakness but once you do you serve the student because you are open to learning.

Today we all just allowed it to happen. I didn't hear one parent direct a child on which piece of pottery to pick or how to paint it. We didn't have to prove ourselves worthy of our posts so it was relaxed. The children responded with a free joy and I didn't hear one moment of redirection.

Today I saw a peaceful harmonious gathering. We could have picked up on cues from others advice from the past and judged each of us but I found we were all relaxed and enjoying the freedom to just BE.

So the bottom line for me is just let folks be..... kind to each other.. and know we will all be good at what we do.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

At Least I can Depend On Some Thingss

My kids are full of surprises. Some are magical and some just, well.......

There are some things I can depend on but wonder why I have to. Today one habit my son has is on my mind.

Why is it empty food containers make it back to the refrigerator with a religious zeal and yet half full are left out to go bad?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mama does having a baby hurt?

Conversation about birth with my seven year old,

"Mama does having a baby hurt?"

"Well yes but in a different way"

"Do you bleed?"

"Nope not really,"

"How come, I mean a giant baby is getting out of you"

"Well your body stretches out and pops back after. * I left out the sagging skin, hemorrhoids and well the getting used to the new breasts*

" Do boys have that super power?"

" No sweetie they don't have that super power. Only mamas have that super power."

Saturday, May 22, 2010

....and why I need a cupcake

In my mind every time life serves up a challenge a perfect cupcake should be delivered to my door via the "Sorry That Is Life Club". Of course I know life is full of joy and sorrow but I find a perfect cupcake is just the thing to pause it all. You can't argue with a cupcake. Its full intention is to bring joy. There is no burden of care or maintenance and even if you don't like to eat cupcakes you can admire the perfection of something so tempting to many. You can throw it away after a brief moment of admiration without guilt.

I have been a member of that club for awhile and have yet to get my cupcake. That is OK with me. I love my life but sometimes I question my qualifications. So tonight maybe I will break out an old family cookbook and make some cupcakes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three Cheers For Grasshopper!

Yesterday we found the coolest toy store in North Portland. Grasshopper is packed with so much goodness my kids could have spent the whole day there.

My 12 year old son was swept into the art books and tried his best to convince me to purchase some "for my work", nice try buddy maybe next time.

They also have clothes and I wish they were in my size. I highly recommend folks check out this store or hop on over to their web store!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Feliz Dia De Mama

Today was a blissed out mama day. I got a pet snail and card from my seven year old daughter. This is what the card said,

Feliz Dia De Mama

Tu es mi mama. Tu es la mama del mundo. Tu es mi sol cuando yo es frio. Cuando solo es blanco y negro tu da me colores. Cuando mi corason se roto tu lo pego hunto. Cuando yo no es bonita tu cambiar yo y despaes yo es bonita tu cambiar yo y despues yo es bonita. Y por eso estas flores estan para y ti.


We went to Cirque Du Soleil, which is fun because not only is it an awesome show but I don't have to interpret much for my son. Instead my hand is free to hold his when I get scared a preformer will fall.

We had a great family day, it is bliss to be so loved.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Got a Quarter?

Stelly: "Mom, what time is it?"

Me " A quarter to four"

Stella "If I give you a quarter will it be four?"

I love kids, they bring us back to the intent and purpose of life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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Self portrait

Friday, January 22, 2010

Short but so cute

I heard one of my three year old students say this and it is worth mention

"Get your fingers out of my world"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am on the phone......

Why does my sweet husband set himself up for telephone failure? we rarely acknowledge that we have a phone let alone use it, so when we do it is for something really important. Pay a bill important, sick relative important. So why is it my sweet hubby always picks up the phone and dials .....while I am doing the dishes which happens to be the nosiest activity in our home. The other line is ringing and he is waving his hand at me as if I were a fly to be swatted gesturing that he is on the phone. Of course I know he is on the phone. I continue because I am aware that modern phones, unlike their predecessors are mobile. The dishwasher has yet to evolve to this state of service. Rather than simply walking away with the phone to a quiet place he insists on trying to quell the cacophony of household chores.

I hate phones. I don't find myself needing to hear someones voice through a piece of plastic. Yes I am a grump about this. It happens in my home that the phone always rings at the worst time. The minute I answer the phone the pot of soup will boil over or the fire place will smoke up the house causing the fire alarm to go off. Maybe the phone will trigger my son to spill milk on my computer or encourage my dog to vomit on the rug. I believe the phone does this to me because it knows I hate it.

So if you really want to talk to me and value the quality of our exchange shoot me an email .

On another topic,

I will be teaching a needle felting workshop on February 13th at the Serendipity School House
Time: 10-12
Cost: $28

It it always a fun class I have 5 spots left. Contact me for details if you wish to join.