Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am on the phone......

Why does my sweet husband set himself up for telephone failure? we rarely acknowledge that we have a phone let alone use it, so when we do it is for something really important. Pay a bill important, sick relative important. So why is it my sweet hubby always picks up the phone and dials .....while I am doing the dishes which happens to be the nosiest activity in our home. The other line is ringing and he is waving his hand at me as if I were a fly to be swatted gesturing that he is on the phone. Of course I know he is on the phone. I continue because I am aware that modern phones, unlike their predecessors are mobile. The dishwasher has yet to evolve to this state of service. Rather than simply walking away with the phone to a quiet place he insists on trying to quell the cacophony of household chores.

I hate phones. I don't find myself needing to hear someones voice through a piece of plastic. Yes I am a grump about this. It happens in my home that the phone always rings at the worst time. The minute I answer the phone the pot of soup will boil over or the fire place will smoke up the house causing the fire alarm to go off. Maybe the phone will trigger my son to spill milk on my computer or encourage my dog to vomit on the rug. I believe the phone does this to me because it knows I hate it.

So if you really want to talk to me and value the quality of our exchange shoot me an email .

On another topic,

I will be teaching a needle felting workshop on February 13th at the Serendipity School House
Time: 10-12
Cost: $28

It it always a fun class I have 5 spots left. Contact me for details if you wish to join.


themagiconions said...

LOL... I am so like this. My dad is a doctor and I think my hate of phones (my whole family has it) stems from the fact that a ringing phone meant he would have to go out. My mom would say 'Dont ANSWER it' but my dad always would... funny how we can trace our phobias if we try, lol.
Anyway, I really laughed with the visual of your husband... you are so clever with words.
Blessings and magic.

katy said...

would be perfectly happy to never have to talk on the phone! talking in person or writing out my conversation i can handle!
and, i can so perfectly envision the image of your husband 'swatting' you away like a fly!