Saturday, May 22, 2010

....and why I need a cupcake

In my mind every time life serves up a challenge a perfect cupcake should be delivered to my door via the "Sorry That Is Life Club". Of course I know life is full of joy and sorrow but I find a perfect cupcake is just the thing to pause it all. You can't argue with a cupcake. Its full intention is to bring joy. There is no burden of care or maintenance and even if you don't like to eat cupcakes you can admire the perfection of something so tempting to many. You can throw it away after a brief moment of admiration without guilt.

I have been a member of that club for awhile and have yet to get my cupcake. That is OK with me. I love my life but sometimes I question my qualifications. So tonight maybe I will break out an old family cookbook and make some cupcakes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three Cheers For Grasshopper!

Yesterday we found the coolest toy store in North Portland. Grasshopper is packed with so much goodness my kids could have spent the whole day there.

My 12 year old son was swept into the art books and tried his best to convince me to purchase some "for my work", nice try buddy maybe next time.

They also have clothes and I wish they were in my size. I highly recommend folks check out this store or hop on over to their web store!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Feliz Dia De Mama

Today was a blissed out mama day. I got a pet snail and card from my seven year old daughter. This is what the card said,

Feliz Dia De Mama

Tu es mi mama. Tu es la mama del mundo. Tu es mi sol cuando yo es frio. Cuando solo es blanco y negro tu da me colores. Cuando mi corason se roto tu lo pego hunto. Cuando yo no es bonita tu cambiar yo y despaes yo es bonita tu cambiar yo y despues yo es bonita. Y por eso estas flores estan para y ti.


We went to Cirque Du Soleil, which is fun because not only is it an awesome show but I don't have to interpret much for my son. Instead my hand is free to hold his when I get scared a preformer will fall.

We had a great family day, it is bliss to be so loved.