Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fairy Potion

I love my job working at a Waldorf inspired preschool. I don't have to work with charts , manipulatives, plastic figures or flashing lights. Instead I get to create stories, use beautiful art supplies and watch the children use their imaginations.

Right now there is a fear that the whole city will get a nasty virus which will threaten our existence. Teacher Johanna did some research and found a natural hand sanitizer formula we could safely use at home and school. We call it Magic Fairy Potion. For project last week this is what we made.

I sat with the children to explain.
"At school do we share?"
"Did you know there are some things we don't share?"
A look of confusion
"Sometimes we get sick. Sometimes we have fevers, stuffy noses or coughs. Do we want to share that?"
So it goes on like that for a few minutes then I deliver the magic,
"Last night the teachers wrote a note to the fairies asking for help. They left us some magic potion but we needed to mix it ourselves."

The children are partnered up, an older child with a younger child. They take turns dropping water into small spray bottles. They learn how to squeeze the dropper and let go in their bottle. They fill it 3/4 full then come to the teacher to receive the magic ingredients the fairies left. Ten drops of each is added. They shake their bottles then go to play. While they are playing a teachers fill the bottles with a bit of rubbing alcohol. They have hand sanitizer to take home.

Small spritzer bottle
Peppermint oil
Aura Carcia Medevil Mix
Rubbing Alcohol

Well as it turns out there is no magic potion at my son's school. Both kids are home sick. So since I am stuck at home I think I will check out the Natrualkids Store and do a little Christmas shopping. There are a ton of Etsy shops there if you click on team member info you get a whole list.


FairiesNest said...

Oh dear, I hope the kids are feeling better soon!

Simple Mama said...

I hope the kids feel better soon. You might try dropping some Eucalyptus oil in a warm bath and making some garlic tea. 2 cloves of crushed garlic with boiling water poured over the top. Let it steep and add raw honey and lemon juice to taste. The garlic will sweeten as it steeps in the water.

woolies said...

hi haddy - hope everybody is recovered!