Monday, September 7, 2009

How To Make Grandma's Fancy Felted Hotel Soap

I know I am always looking for fun activities for my kids. This is a favorite of my son. He calls it grandma's fancy felted hotel soap because grandma always brings him the soap from the fancy hotels she stays at. He likes the size of it for felting. There are many ways to do this but I found this way to be the most kid friendly.

Wool roving
Bowl of hot water
Variety of soaps

Pull the roving apart into small wisps. This is very important because if the pieces are large they will clump. Dip a piece in the water just enough to get it damp. Wrap the roving around the soap evenly. Repeat this until the soap is covered with several layers. When it looks pretty thick slowly and very gently start to rub the soap adding drips of really hot water. Soon it will feel firmly felted. We rinse in cold water and allow it to dry.

If you have a felting needle laying around you can felt a design in after it dries. Be sure to angle the needle so you don't chip the soap.

My son also sells his felted soap in his Etsy shop.


Polar Bear Creations said...

Cool! I never thought of using those soaps for felting.
Happy felting!

themagiconions said...

We love this too... we made a felted soap-on-a-rope the other day and are still using it in the bath every night. I love the colors of ours.
Blessings and magic,

themagiconions said...

Sorry, was supposed to read 'love the colors of yours!' LOL!!

mrsbeccijo said...

How fun! Thanks for the how-to!!!


gardenmama said...

what a lovely idea! i love the title of this post : ) I have wet felted river stones before, my daughter seems to get them just right yet mine seem to felt together in one little spot and it is not felted as a whole leaving it flapping in the breeze... lol hmmm does that make any sense? I wonder if I needle felt it a bit before doing the wet felting. So nice to see this tutorial thanks!

mamakopp said...