Friday, July 24, 2009

There is a naked woman at the door,

I have not had time to start a blog until now because well, I am a mom. Not the mom of 40 years ago mind you. I am the new improved modern mom model. I know the mom of that era perhaps didn't have a dryer, microwave or touch phone to facilatate daily happenings but let me tell you mom's of today would cherish the separation from these conviences.

Multitasking is the new mom's art. (excuse me, "honey how did you get glue in your hair?") I can read a story, wash the dishes, felt a doll, break up a fight in 2 languages, find the missing shoe mate all while whipping up a lovely dinner from scratch.

Of course there is the occasional glitch in the system, I did forget to pick up my daughter from a playdate today but for the most part we are a well oiled machine around here. ( "sweety no jam on the keyboard please.") I, at the age of 42 have learned many things to manage the of today lifestyle and feel it is my duty to share with younger new moms. I will from time to time offer tips I have found to be effective. Here is todays,

Your child or husband is not listening it is because you have become the twin sister of Charlie Brown's teacher. In this case make your statement followed by,

"oh how strange,there is a naked woman at the door"

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woolies said...

you crack me up, my dear hysterical haddy.